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General Sales Terms and Conditions


Effective as of 02/04/2023

Between Adeline Le Mer EI, singing teacher, vocal coach, registered under the Siret number: 79519903300015, Naf code: 8542Z, reachable at the following address: on the one hand,

And the individual or legal entity making the purchase of lessons or coaching, hereinafter, "the Client" on the other hand, the following has been exposed and agreed:

Article 1: Object and General Provisions

These General Sales Terms and Conditions determine the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the singing and vocal coaching courses offered by Adeline Le Mer EI.

1.1 These general sales terms and conditions apply to all courses and coaching provided by Adeline Le Mer EI, which are an integral part of the contract between the buyer and the client.

1.2 Adeline Le Mer EI reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. The applicable GTCs will be those in force on the date of payment.

1.3 The Client declares that he/she has read and accepted these General Sales Terms and Conditions without reservation or restriction. The Client acknowledges that he/she has received the necessary advice and information to ensure the adequacy of the services offered with his/her requests.

Article 2: Rates

The rates for courses and coaching are indicated in Euros, US Dollars, and British Pounds. Each invoice, even in a foreign currency, will also be drawn up in euros. The indicated price is net of taxes, Adeline Le Mer EI being exempt from VAT.

Adeline Le Mer EI reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.

Article 3: Services

The essential characteristics of the courses and coaching, as well as their respective prices, are made available on the website, as well as on simple request by email from the prospective client. The client attests to having received a detail of the payment and execution modalities of the course/coaching. Any agreement on a day, a schedule for the course/coaching constitutes an order. Adeline Le Mer EI undertakes to honor the client's order. The client undertakes to attend the course/coaching. Any delay by the student for any reason whatsoever cannot be caught up.

Article 4. Payment for Courses and Coaching

4.1 Payment by the client.

The payment for courses and coaching must be made in advance, or in certain special cases, on the same day (in agreement with Adeline Le Mer EI).

Otherwise, Adeline Le Mer EI reserves the right to refuse to give the lesson.

Payments are to be made according to the following terms:

For payment in euros, the bank transfer is used on this account:

Adeline Le Mer

IBAN: FR76 1444 5202 0008 0048 0425 307


Caisse d'Epargne Bretagne Pays de Loire

For payment in another currency, a payment request is sent via Wise For payments in US Dollars, only ACH payments and Wire bank transfers are possible. SWIFT payment is not allowed due to additional fees. Adeline Le Mer EI has a professional account on Wise in order to facilitate transfers and avoid excessive costs. Generally, the transfer costs the client no more than $1, however, if there are higher fees for any reason, Adeline Le Mer EI cannot be held responsible (to avoid any problems, please inquire in advance with your bank).

4.2 Any order is subject to Adeline Le Mer EI

Adeline Le Mer EI reserves the right to refuse a request for courses/coaching.

Article 5. Replacement / Cancellation / Rescheduling

5.1 Any package of courses, regardless of the number, is due in full, even if the participant does not show up, including in case of abandonment for any reason.

5.2 Any request for cancellation, rescheduling or modification of an order must be communicated by email to Adeline Le Mer EI, stating the reason. The client is requested to notify their need to cancel or reschedule their session as early as possible. Any request made less than 24 hours before the course cannot be considered, and the full course fee will be due. However, if the cancellation, rescheduling or modification is motivated by a case of force majeure (health problems...), the client may reschedule their course later without additional cost and upon presentation of a medical certificate. As Adeline Le Mer's voice is at the center of her professional activity, and she works with fragile people (immunocompromised...), any contagious illness can be problematic. Clients who have ordered an in-person lesson and have symptoms or doubts are kindly requested to take this lesson remotely. In case of impossibility to carry out the lesson remotely, a rescheduling may be considered.

5.3 Adeline Le Mer EI reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any course (illness...) without compensation or penalties to the client. The client may then choose another date or cancel their order without penalty. Adeline Le Mer EI also reserves the right to change the location of the course if circumstances beyond their control require it. Adeline Le Mer EI cannot be held responsible for any expenses incurred by the student or damages resulting from the cancellation or rescheduling of a course.

Article 6. Student's obligations for in-person classes

6.1 The student undertakes to respect their teacher as well as the equipment and location of the classes.

6.2 In-person classes take place in a studio located in a private house. The student is required to respect the schedule and class days and not to go to this residence without being expressly invited for a class or coaching session.

6.3 The student undertakes to subscribe to and maintain liability insurance covering direct or indirect damages that may be caused by their actions to the detriment of Adeline Le Mer EI, both in anticipation and during the duration of the classes. Adeline Le Mer will not be responsible for any damage or loss of objects, instruments, and personal effects brought by the student.

Article 7: Intellectual property rights

The educational concepts, images, videos, texts, or more generally any information subject to intellectual property rights remain the exclusive property of Adeline Le Mer EI. The client will have the possibility of recording the class upon prior request to Adeline Le Mer EI. Any total or partial reproduction or sharing is strictly prohibited. Any teaching material must only be used for personal and private purposes. These terms and conditions do not constitute a transfer of intellectual property rights.

Article 8: Protection of personal data

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have the right to question, access, modify, oppose and rectify your personal data. By accepting these terms and conditions of sale, you consent to Adeline Le Mer EI collecting and using the transmitted data for the realization and organization of classes and coaching.

9.1 Prior to any seizure of a court, it is agreed, subject to the parties' approval, that a solution be found amicably in case of difficulties or disagreements concerning the execution.

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