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French diction coaching

[ɔ̃] or [ɑ̃]? Liaisons? Elisions?  Excuse my French!


Adeline is a singer and voice pedagogue who understands the importance of correct pronunciation and delivery of lyrics in different foreign languages.


Adéline has dedicated herself to mastering the nuances of French pronunciation in singing. She has received extensive training and has studied the particularities of French diction for singing, offering private online coaching sessions to help singers achieve clear diction without compromising their vocal technique and fluidity. 

In her coaching sessions, Adeline can help you work on your French pronunciation needs, whether it's for songs, arias, roles, or overall improvement.


And if you prefer to work independently, she also provides audio recordings for your text, aria, or opera role.

With each order, Adeline offers three different versions of the recording to meet your needs:

  1. A word-for-word version that is slow and allows you to hear and practice each word individually.

  2. A slower version that emphasizes the liaisons between words, and leave some time between each phrase for the person to repeat

  3. A spoken version at a normal pace that allows you to appreciate the beauty of the French language in its natural form.

For more information or to book a lesson or ask for recordings,  get in touch

Contact Adéline 

Price for online Coaching


  1h: €60 

                    $70 (USD)



    45mn: €50 

                           $60 (USD)



    30mn: €40 




€. Bank transfer via IBAN.  for students using other currencies than €. Payments with WISE with your own currency. Many more currencies are available! Wise doesn't take or takes very little commission, just a few cents.


Official Freelance, I send an invoice after each lesson

In order to avoid last-minute cancelation, it is asked to pay for the lesson at least 24h in advance. No refund if the lesson is canceled after 24h. Possibility to pay in advance for a pack of 5 or 10 lessons.

Price for recordings

(3 different versions)


 Poem, Song, Aria:    €40

                                     $50 (USD)



 Aria with recit:   €45 

                               $55 (USD)



 Full opera role:    €160

                                 $180 (USD)






normal speedAragon, Les ponts de Cé
00:00 / 00:08
With time for repeatingAragon, Les ponts de Cé
00:00 / 00:31
Word for wordAragon, Les ponts de Cé
00:00 / 00:31
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